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Cuaderno de Dibujos para Colorear es un pequeño aporte que hago con mucho cariño para los niños y niñas – y adultos también – que en este momento están en casa en estos días de cuarentena y así hacerla mas fácil y llevadera. Personalmente no he sido amigo de los dibujos para colorear, sin embargo un día una profesora de un colegio en otro país me propuso hacerlo y resultó una muy bella y grata experiencia porque no solo pudieron conocer de nuestra rica biodiversidad y cultura sino que además les motivaron su creatividad para recrear los colores y las formas maravillosamente.

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The Messenger Hummingbird

Mayan legend for children Hummingbird

The wisest Mayans tell that the Gods created all things on Earth, while doing it each animal, each tree and each stone was given a job. But when they were done, they noticed that no one was in charge of taking their wishes and thoughts from one place to another.

Since they no longer had clay or corn to make another animal, they took a jade stone and with it, they carved a very small arrow. When it was ready, they blew on it and the little arrow flew out, It was no longer a simple arrow, now it had life, the gods had created the x ts’unu’um, or in other words, the hummingbird.

Its feathers were so fragile and so light that the hummingbird could approach the most delicate flowers without moving a single petal, its feathers shone in the sun like raindrops and reflected all colors.

Then, men tried to catch that beautiful bird to adorn themselves with its feathers. When the Gods realized about it, they got angry and said: ‘if someone dares to catch a hummingbird, he will be punished’. This is why no one has ever seen a hummingbird in a cage, nor in a man’s hand.

The Gods also assigned it a job: the hummingbird would have to carry the thoughts of men here and there. In this way, says the legend, that if you see a hummingbird it is because someone sends you good wishes and love.

Translated by Lina Maria Patiño Torres


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